4 Things Chickens Provide (Besides Eggs)

Your backyard birds are more than just a feathered, egg-laying machine. Hen-rietta has multiple purposes you probably haven’t even begun to think about beyond providing protein-packed eggs. Let’s examine four more benefits of your backyard chickens 


Like every living being, chickens each have a unique personality and offer companionship. Whether you want to become BFFs with your birds or simply enjoy watching their antics, chickens can and will provide some great entertainment value to you. They can and usually will show affection to their caretakers, especially when tamed down at a young age. Each breed has its own level of docility. Chickens are entertaining to watch as they peck at insects and worms, trying to get natural snacks. Not only are these backyard birds great entertainers, but they also offer health benefits. Being around animals has also shown to decrease stress and improve a person’s overall health. 


If you enjoy raising your own eggs, chances are you also like growing a garden or at least have given it a try. The waste that chickens generate provides a nutrient-rich, natural fertilizer. With your chickens, you’ll save money on fertilizer at the store. Chicken manure contains the three primary ingredients in most lawn and garden fertilizers: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Compost the manure you clean from your pen and coop to add to your flowers or garden, save money and see some wonderful results. Some veteran gardeners compost their chicken and animal manure in five-gallon buckets with water and call it “super water” and have seen remarkable growth in their garden vegetables. 

Control Pests 

Even though the days are getting shorter, it seems like the bugs are here to stay. That’s probably fine with your chickens as they love the tasty treat of an insect or two. Unlike humans, chickens like pesky little things like bugs and will act as natural insect control. They especially like crickets, grasshoppers, snails and slugs. 

Create a Teachable Moment 

Chickens make a great first pet and offer some great educational opportunities for both young and old about life on the farm – even if that farm is your backyard! It is important to learn that not all food comes from the local supermarket, so raising chickens is a good way to learn that one source of protein – eggs – come from this wonderful living animal. It is also a great way to teach a young person responsibility and work ethic by asking them to provide the daily care for the chickens. Chickens rely on humans to provide them feed, water and shelter, and these are good lessons for all young people to learn. If you have a child or grandchild within the age requirements of 4-H, perhaps that person could enroll in the 4-H poultry project to learn even more about the backyard birds you already have and expand your flock. 

We rely on our chickens for a lot. They are egg laying, compost producing, pest controlling live companions! We should provide them with the very best nutrition we can, and that is Backyard Boost® Daily Essentials, a pelleted, natural protein supplement for all classes of poultry fully fortified with a prebiotic, vitamins, minerals and organic trace minerals to maximize growth and egg production and support overall flock health. Daily Essentials can be scattered around the yard for pecking or mixed into your chickens’ feed. It contains the combination of Amaferm®, a precision-based prebiotic, natural protein, and elevated levels of highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals to achieve maximum health and performance.  

Whatever reason you have chickens don’t deny them the nutrients they need. Give them the essentials with Backyard Boost Daily Essentials.

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