Spooky Myths about Backyard Chickens Part 1: Chickens Attract Bugs, Vermin

Halloween isn’t the only spooky occasion popping up this month! On the Backyard Boost Blog, we’ll be addressing and debunking a handful of frightful myths about raising backyard chickens. There are many benefits to raising these birds, so don’t let a few far-fetched myths scare you away. 

Myth 1: Chickens attract bugs and vermin. First of all, what is a vermin? Vermin is a catch-all that covers anything we might consider to be pests, either insects or small animals like rats, mice, coyotes, racoons or weasels.  

It isn’t necessarily the chicken that attracts the insects and pests. It is their scent and dirty environment that is attractive to the pesky little creatures. By cleaning your coop and run, you can help control insects. Be sure to pick up chicken waste daily and make sure there is no water standing around that will attract the flies.  

Also, when it comes to little animals, it is imperative to gather your eggs each day since it is often the eggs that the racoons and other pests are after. If you do leave your eggs in the nesting box, a coon or fox will find a way to break in and get those eggs and also get to the chickens.  

Keeping your coop clean of manure, debris, feed and eggs is the best way to keep insects and vermin at bay. Also, be sure to lock your chickens up at night to keep them safe from predators.  

Chickens can work in your favor as insect control around your yard and garden, as bugs and flies are some of their favorite treats. A clean coop will keep flies and other insects away from the coop.   

A clean coop is vital to debunking this myth. Stay tuned for more scary myths and how we debunk them this month!  

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