Backyard Boost



Your chickens are more than just birds pecking in the back yard. They are your feathered friends. They provide eggs for you and your family, entertainment and companionship. And they might also eat up some of those nasty insects in the summertime.


So, don’t you want to ensure they are happy and healthy as they can be? Make sure they get the most nutritional value from what they are eating each day by providing them vitamins and minerals and additional protein to help increase egg production and additional calcium for improvement of eggshell and yolk quality. Your feathered friends are there for you. Don’t you want to provide the best to make sure you have a flourishing flock? Give your chickens the nourishment they deserve. Give them Backyard Boost® Daily Essentials.



Daily Essentials 2.5 lb

Backyard Boost Daily Essentials

  • Prebiotic Amaferm® to maximize egg production and quality
  • Added protein to support growth, feather quality and egg production
  • Calcium and other nutrients to improve eggshell and yolk quality
  • Improve gut health and overall wellbeing



Do your chickens get sick, quit eating or quit laying eggs?

Chances are, they do, and no one likes to see their friends with their feathers ruffled. When your birds aren’t feeling healthy, they aren’t happy. Turn their health and their mood around with Backyard Boost Defense. This liquid supplement contains all-natural ingredients to help your chickens start feeling better during times of sickness and stress caused by handling, environmental changes, new coop mates or other outside influences. Be sure to give your birds the best care possible to keep them healthy, keep them happy and keep your flock flourishing. Give them Backyard Boost Defense!




Backyard Boost Daily Essentials

  • Restores digestive health and support the immune system
  • Promotes feed and water intake
  • Amaferm® to combat the negative effects of stress and get them back to laying faster
  • MOS to trap and expel disease-causing pathogens
  • Electrolytes to support hydration
  • Works with antibiotics to improve health and recovery