Here’s the Scoop on Chicken Poop OR How to Get the Most Benefit from Chicken Manure

If you own any type of animals or birds, you’re going to have poop. Fortunately, if you have backyard chickens, their manure isn’t just another wasted material. Chicken manure is one of the most sought-after natural fertilizers, high in nitrogen. But you don’t want to apply it directly to your garden.  Cleaning the manure from your chicken coop should […]

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4 Things Chickens Provide (Besides Eggs)

Your backyard birds are more than just a feathered, egg-laying machine. Hen-rietta has multiple purposes you probably haven’t even begun to think about beyond providing protein-packed eggs. Let’s examine four more benefits of your backyard chickens  Companionship   Like every living being, chickens each have a unique personality and offer companionship. Whether you want to become BFFs […]

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Tips for Growing and Developing Healthy Chickens

Those little chicks you picked up from your local farm store this spring won’t stay little and fluffy for long. With proper health, nutrition and care, they should grow and develop into young, healthy, productive birds that will provide you with protein-packed eggs.   Nutrition is vital to keeping your chicks growing up healthy and strong. Like every living […]

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