BioZyme® Incorporated is an innovative company in the agricultural fields of livestock nutrition and animal microbiology that manufactures supplements & precision biotics that naturally promote animal health and performance for Care that Comes Full Circle. Backyard Boost® is a line of products purposefully crafted to support the well-being of birds. Backyard Boost® contains proprietary ingredients proven to support your backyard friends.





How to Maintain Backyard Birds through the Winter

The colder temperatures have moved in across many parts of the country, and with winter officially kicking off this month, those temps are here to stay. You probably started your backyard chicken flock during the spring when the sunshine was plentiful, and the days were long. How will you keep your feathered friends healthy and […]

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How to Keep your Flock from Melting Down During Molt

As the length of sunlit days are getting shorter, it probably seems like the number of feathers on the ground in and around your coop is increasing. You are not losing your mind. However, your chickens are losing their feathers! They are going through their annual molting process, a ritual that happens each year during […]

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BioZyme® Recognized for Best New Bird Product for Backyard Boost® Balls, for Poultry, Songbirds

In an effort to continuously expand its product lines and diversify, BioZyme® Inc., is excited to launch two new award-winning products in its Backyard Boost® product line. Starting in September, chicken owners can now purchase Backyard Boost Busy Balls, a prebiotic treat to help bounce boredom. Furthermore, all bird enthusiasts will have the opportunity to […]

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