Spooky Myths about Backyard Chickens Part 3: You Need a Rooster to Produce Eggs

The days are getting closer to that magical, witching night. And the myths about our boo-tiful backyard birds are getting even scarier. Let’s take a look at this week’s myth and determine if it is indeed fact or fiction!   Myth #3: A rooster, or multiple roosters are required to produce eggs. That is for sure fiction! […]

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Spooky Myths about Backyard Chickens Part 2: Chickens Smell and are Noisy

As we get even closer to the scariest day of the year, it’s time to debunk yet another myth about our loving backyard birds. Cock-a-doodle-doo and did you just catch a whiff of something? That’s right! Many people believe that chickens are contributors to both bad odors and noise.  Why would they think that? First, let’s talk about […]

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Spooky Myths about Backyard Chickens Part 1: Chickens Attract Bugs, Vermin

Halloween isn’t the only spooky occasion popping up this month! On the Backyard Boost Blog, we’ll be addressing and debunking a handful of frightful myths about raising backyard chickens. There are many benefits to raising these birds, so don’t let a few far-fetched myths scare you away.  Myth 1: Chickens attract bugs and vermin. First […]

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