Chick Days are Fast Approaching: Your Starter Guide for Baby Chicks

chick days

American novelist Paul Theroux once said, “Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.” If you are an avid backyard chicken collector, winter is also a great season to start preparing for baby chicks to arrive on chick days. Although it might seem a little early, depending on your geographic location, baby chicks will soon […]

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Tips for Growing and Developing Healthy Chickens

Those little chicks you picked up from your local farm store this spring won’t stay little and fluffy for long. With proper health, nutrition and care, they should grow and develop into young, healthy, productive birds that will provide you with protein-packed eggs.   Nutrition is vital to keeping your chicks growing up healthy and strong. […]

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Tips for Egg Care

Chicken or egg? If you’ve ever wondered which came first, you’ve likely already answered that. The chicks! You probably started your backyard chicken project with cute little chicks, but when those hens reach just between 5-6 months old, they should start laying eggs. There is nothing better than a farm-fresh egg for breakfast, but there […]

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Your Chick Days Starter Guide: How To Prepare for Chick Days

how to prepare for chick days

Chick days are coming, and you’ve decided to invest in some of these cute little fuzz balls. But you will need more than just a few baby chicks to start your new backyard farming venture. That’s why the Backyard Boost team compiled this guide for how to prepare for chick days. We cover not just what […]

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Five Ways to Keep your Chickens Healthy and Happy

Health and performance are synergistic. When you don’t feel well, you simply don’t perform, regardless of if the task is at your job, being a nurturing parent or partner or sometimes even just with a simple task of decision making. Your feathered friends in the backyard are no different. When they are stressed or sick, […]

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