How to Keep Your Coop Cool

how to keep your coop cool

The sizzling days of summer are approaching. You can dress down to your bathing suit and take a dip in the pool to cool down and feel refreshed. However, your feathered friends don’t have it so easy to cool themselves. 

With a feather coat year-round, they rely on their humans to keep them cool. Unless they are boujee birds, they likely don’t have an air-conditioned coop. So, what do you need to know about keeping your coop’s climate comfortable? 

Backyard Boost® is one of the brands under BioZyme’s family of brands. And at BioZyme®, it is our mission to show care that comes full circle for the animals with fur and feathers. The Backyard Boost Team created this blog specifically as a guide on how to keep your coop cool. 

How to Keep Your Coop Cool 

Keeping a chicken coop cool, especially in hot summer weather, is essential for the health and well-being of your chickens. High temperatures can lead to chicken heat stress, decreased egg production and even heat stroke in chickens. 

Here are 6 effective ways to keep your coop cool: 


Ensure the coop has adequate ventilation to allow hot air to escape and fresh air to circulate. Use vents, windows, or adjustable openings to promote airflow. Keep the coop door open during the day to help increase airflow and ventilation. If you must close during the night due to predators, be sure to have other screened-in windows to promote circulation. 

Install fans or exhaust systems to increase air circulation if natural ventilation isn’t sufficient. Ensure your electrical cords are in good shape and out of the way of your chickens so no chickens are electrocuted. 


Provide ample shade around and within the coop to reduce direct sun exposure. Use shade cloth, tarps or strategically placed trees and shrubs to create shaded areas. Ensure the coop’s roof provides enough shade to keep the interior cool. Light-colored roofs reflect heat, reducing the temperature inside. 

Cooling Materials 

Use reflective or insulated materials on the roof to minimize heat absorption. Aluminum or white roofing materials can help reflect sunlight. Consider adding insulation to the coop’s walls and roof to keep the interior cooler during hot weather. 

Water & Misting Systems 

Install misting systems or sprinklers near the coop to create a cooling effect. Misting the coop roof or the surrounding ground can lower the temperature through evaporative cooling. Keeping the ground wet will also help keep it cool, which the chickens should appreciate. Some poultry enthusiasts like to put frozen water bottles in the runs for the chickens to peck around, which keeps them cool and entertained. 

Provide plenty of fresh, cool water for your chickens to stay hydrated. Use waterers with a large capacity and consider adding ice to keep the water cool. During the hottest times of the summer, you might need to refresh the water a few times a day. 

Maximize the Benefits of Hydration 

Ensure your feathered friends are getting all adequate water amounts, add Backyard Boost® Defense, a liquid supplement for poultry designed to support digestion and a healthy immune response. Backyard Boost Defense  

  • Provides nutrients needed in times of stress. 
  • Promotes water intake and hydration.  

This green liquid supplement will encourage your chickens to drink while keeping them healthy and stress-free during summer’s most stifling days. 

Appropriate Coop Design 

Your hen house design and position are vital elements when determining how to keep your coop cool. Position the coop to take advantage of natural breezes. Orient it so that prevailing winds can flow through it. Raise the coop off the ground to allow air to circulate underneath, which can help cool the floor and prevent heat buildup. 

Cool Flooring & Dust Baths 

Use materials like sand, straw or shavings for the coop floor, as they tend to stay cooler. Regularly turn or replace bedding to keep it fresh and clean. Provide dust baths in shaded areas to help chickens cool off and maintain feather health. It is advisable to wet the dust baths with a gentle, cool mist, to encourage cooling as well. 

Implementing these strategies can help ensure your coop remains cool and comfortable during hot weather, reducing the risk of heat stress and maintaining a healthy environment for your chickens. 

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