Chicken Egg Color Doesn’t Have to be a Surprise 

chicken egg color

Chicken Egg Color

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”   

That quote from the famous movie and character of the same name, Forrest Gump, can describe a lot of things. Chocolates. Life. Chickens. Wait? We know that when we bring home those cute fluffy chicks, we ultimately are going to get little oval and round-shaped eggs. But did you know that depending on the chicken breeds you select, you could ultimately have a rainbow of colored eggs?  

Chicken egg color is largely determined by genetics. Different breeds of chickens have genetic variations that dictate the color of their eggs. The pigment responsible for eggshell color is deposited on the eggshell as it moves through the hen’s oviduct during the egg-laying process. 

Let’s explore the various chicken egg colors and which breeds are responsible for them. 

Which Chicken Breeds Lay Colored Eggs? 

Several chicken breeds are known for laying colored eggs, adding visual interest to egg baskets. What should you expect with regard to your breeds and chicken egg color? Here’s a quick graphic to consult:

egg color by chicken breed

Looking for a little more detail? Well, here are some popular chicken breeds that lay colored eggs. 


This breed is known for laying blue eggs. Araucanas can produce various shades of blue, ranging from pale blue to a more vibrant sky blue. 


Similar to Araucanas, Ameraucanas also lay blue eggs. However, they are a standardized breed recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA), unlike the Araucana, which has tufts of feathers near its ears and lacks a tail. 

Easter Egger 

Easter Eggers are not a standardized breed but a mix of various chicken breeds, often including Araucanas or Ameraucanas in their ancestry. They are popular for backyard flocks due to their ability to lay eggs in various shades of blue, green, or even pink. It is important to note that once a chicken lays a particular color of egg, she will continue to lay that color of egg. So, if she lays a pink egg for the first time, she will continue to lay pink eggs. 

Cream Legbar 

This breed lays eggs with a unique sky-blue color; however, they have also been known to lay pink eggs. Cream Legbars are known for their autosexing traits, making it easy to determine the sex of chicks at hatching. You can determine chick gender at birth by the color of their down. Males are a lighter brown and have a little bleached spot on the top of their heads, and females are darker and have darker stripes down their back. 

Olive Egger 

Olive Eggers are hybrids that result from crossing a blue egg-laying breed with a dark brown egg-laying breed. They produce eggs in various shades of olive green, making them a unique addition to egg baskets. 


Marans lay dark brown eggs, which can range from a deep chocolate brown to a lighter shade. The depth of color often depends on the individual strain of Marans. There are several types of Marans, and each chicken lays eggs of slightly different colors. 

  • Black Copper Marans – dark brown eggs, “chocolate” or “mahogany” 
  • Blue Copper Marans – dark brown eggs, may have a blue tint 
  • Splash Copper Marans – dark brown eggs to mahogany  
  • White Marans – light brow to tan eggs 
  • Golden Cuckoo Marans – light to medium brown eggs 


Welsummers lay eggs with a rich terracotta brown color, often speckled with darker brown spots. The breed is also known for its striking appearance, with vibrant red-brown feathers and a distinctive upright tail. 

These are just a few examples of chicken egg color by a variety of breeds. Keep in mind that individual variation within breeds can result in slight differences in egg color, and factors such as diet and genetics can influence eggshell pigmentation. 

White Egg Laying Breeds 

Perhaps you are looking to raise predominantly white-shelled eggs. Don’t worry; those breeds are plentiful, too. Below are some of the most common breeds that lay simple, white eggs: 

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