BioZyme® Recognized for Best New Bird Product for Backyard Boost® Balls, for Poultry, Songbirds

In an effort to continuously expand its product lines and diversify, BioZyme® Inc., is excited to launch two new award-winning products in its Backyard Boost® product line. Starting in September, chicken owners can now purchase Backyard Boost Busy Balls, a prebiotic treat to help bounce boredom. Furthermore, all bird enthusiasts will have the opportunity to buy a similar product, Backyard Boost Songbird Balls, a tidier alternative to bird feed. 

The World Pet Association (WPA) just named the Backyard Boost Busy Balls and Songbird Balls the Best New Bird Products during its New Product Showcase, August 23 at Super Zoo in Las Vegas. Retailers can still stop by Booth 5770 at Super Zoo to learn more about these and other Backyard Boost products. Super Zoo is North America’s largest pet industry marketplace with more than 1,000 companies exhibiting and is solely open to retail companies who want to do business. 

“One of the three pillars BioZyme has been built on is innovation. We are very excited to add these products to the Backyard Boost line, as we feel they are a fun and innovative way to bring some of BioZyme’s prebiotic technology to the poultry and wild bird markets,” said Lynsey Whitacre, Ph.D., BioZyme Companion Animal Business Development Manager & Senior Manager of New Product Development.  

Busy Balls are the third product in the Backyard Boost line, which was launched by BioZyme during 2020 as a response to continual rises in backyard chicken populations. Busy Balls contain Amaferm®, BioZyme’s proprietary prebiotic, to increase digestion and absorption of nutrients, as well as high-energy fat, sunflower seeds, and grains. In addition to supporting gut health and well-being, the balls help alleviate boredom, which often leads to pecking and other undesirable behaviors.  

Similarly, the Backyard Boost Songbird Balls are a prebiotic treat for wild birds that also contain Amaferm, high-energy fat, sunflower seeds, and grains. Suggested for use in wire and circular bird feeders, Songbird Balls are easy to fill and neater than traditional bird seeds, as the ball shape easily drops into the feeder.  

“The Songbird Balls are a modern way to attract a wide variety of birds to your yard or garden. Especially as we transition into fall and winter, and there are less food sources available, bird watchers are going to want to have these on hand to appease jays, cardinals and other songbirds,” Whitacre said. 

The Backyard Boost Busy Balls and Songbird Balls will be available through the BioZyme dealer network and select retail outlets. For more information or to find a dealer near you, visit

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