Use Green Water to Keep your Chicks Hydrated, Healthy

There’s nothing cuter than a fluffy, baby chick, especially when that chick is healthy, happy and chirping. However, there is a lot of stress associated with moving those little babies from the hatchery to the store and to their forever home in your backyard, and keeping them healthy starts with keeping them hydrated. 

Since up to 70% of the immune system is in their digestive system, if you maintain their gut integrity, you should be able to keep your chicks healthy through the transitions. Defend their health with Backyard Boost® Defense, a liquid supplement for poultry designed to support digestion and a healthy immune response. Adding this to your chicks’ water can help maintain normal immune response and promote intake and hydration. 

Like all Backyard Boost products, Defense contains AO-Biotics® Amaferm®, a prebiotic research-proven to enhance digestibility. It also contains MOS, which helps normalize the gut microflora and supports the immune system, and nutrients needed during times of stress. Chicks should stay hydrated and feel their best with Defense, also known to create the “green water” that poultry enthusiasts are raving about. In addition to using Defense for chicks, you can use on chickens anytime they are experiencing stress, such as molting or other periods of transition. 

“Backyard Boost Defense is simply amazing! I picked up chicks from the post office. They were lethargic, had droopy eyes, and I thought I would definitely lose some. I dipped all their beaks in water, and they fought me. I then took the water and added Backyard Boost Defense. I walked out and left them. I came back 15 minutes later, and all the chicks were drinking and had drunk half of the water I put in with the Backyard Boost in it. All my chicks are alive, healthy and happy,” said Patti Wood from Oklahoma. 

Keep your new chicks cute, fluffy and thriving with the green water from Backyard Boost. To learn more about Backyard Boost Defense for your chicks or to discover where to purchase this product, visit

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