Introducing Backyard Boost and its Makers

The love of raising backyard birds has grown exponentially over time. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, even more people have flocked to begin their own backyard bird family. Some have added these feathered friends to their backyards for companionship, some for a constant food source of high-quality protein through the eggs that are layed, and some for an added hobby during a time of staying home more than usual.

BioZyme Inc., has been in the business of keeping animals healthy, happy and performing since the 1950s. We truly believe keeping animals feeling their best helps them perform at their best, which is why “care that comes full circle” is more than a company motto for us. It’s the way our employees and our company live our lives and conduct business. With the escalated excitement of backyard chickens, we knew it was time to develop a line of nutritional supplements designed just for these birds to keep them healthy and happy.

Let us introduce you to Backyard Boost®, a line of supplements designed to support the health, wellbeing and productivity of poultry. Backyard Boost uses only the highest quality components and proprietary ingredients proven to support your flourishing flock. BioZyme was founded on a precision based prebiotic Amaferm®, discovered 78 years ago. During that time, the research has shown Amaferm’s primary benefits include improved feed intake, increased digestion and increased absorption, meaning that animals and birds fed Amaferm will get more nutritional benefit from the feeds they are eating.

Amaferm is the key ingredient in Backyard Boost Daily Essentials and Backyard Boost Defense. Backyard Boost Daily Essentials is a daily pelleted supplement that will help ensure your chickens get the most nutritional value from what they are eating by providing them Amaferm, vitamins and minerals and additional protein to help increase egg production and additional calcium for improved eggshell and yolk quality. Backyard Boost Defense is a liquid supplement to add to your chickens’ water during times of stress and sickness. With all-natural ingredients to help your chickens start feeling better during times of sickness and stress caused by handling, environmental changes, new coop mates or other outside influences, Defense will help when your chickens get their feathers ruffled.

BioZyme continually researches its products to make sure that everything we make will do the best for all the animals that consume them. And, all products are American-made, either in Saint Joseph, Missouri, or Lexington, Kentucky, by animal lovers who know how much you value your chickens.

With a company history of 70 years making animals comfortable and healthy and the leading research proven prebiotic included in these new product lines, you’ll want to boost your backyard chickens’ health the natural way. Keep them healthy, keep them happy and keep them laying with Backyard Boost – the best way to keep your flock flourishing!

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